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Homeschool Enrichment By Nature

What is homeschool enrichment?

Homeschool enrichment is classes, lessons, and/or activities designed to supplement or enhance what a family is using for their child’s homeschool curriculum and education. Parents/guardians choose homeschool enrichment classes as an opportunity for their student to learn with and from others, through experiences they could not otherwise provide.

A love of learning is in our Nature…

Serving the East Bay area and Tri-Valley area, Wild Oak is a non-profit homeschool enrichment program located on 35 acres in Lafayette, CA.

Known for our creative and collaborative approach, our Teachers nurture a lifelong love for learning, rooted in Nature, empowering imagination, cultivating courage, instilling responsibility of self, with love and respect for our diverse and inclusive community.

Our Instructors recognize that children are unique, curious, and passionate, with an imagination that ultimately drives their desire to learn. We offer classes for ages ranging from infancy to 18 years old, teaching to the “whole child” through our daily rhythm, which offers a balance of cognitive and emotional intelligence, individuality, and physical activity.

Classes at Wild Oak

Click on your child’s age group below to learn what courses we offer! Ages are cited as your child’s age by September 1 at the beginning of the academic year.

Please note: Our enrichment classes are designed to support the child’s homeschooling journey, not replace it. Wild Oak is not a private school.


Hummingbirds are our youngest community members who attend class with their favorite adult companion (who can be a family friend, grandparent, older sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle, over 18 years of age). Siblings and babes in arms are welcome.


Squirrels enjoy a schedule, or daily rhythm, that supports their play-based exploration of the world around them.


Our Foxes explore with immersion in Nature, and enjoy additional enrichment that follows our day’s focus: science, math, language arts, or social science.


Coyotes are eager learners who balance their day between in and out breaths of play-based learning vs. more structured enrichment lessons.


Bobcats are ready to build their foundations for discovery with a growth mindset, and emphasis on compassion and empathy.


Mountain Lions are delving into more independence, working together toward a common goal.


Owls learn through collaborative projects using consensus and paradigm thought.

Click  here  for larger view for a printable version of our calendar.

Click here for larger view for a printable version of our calendar.