Focus Classes (ages 6-16)

Known for our creative and collaborative approach, our Teachers nurture a lifelong love for learning, rooted in Nature, empowering imagination, cultivating courage, instilling responsibility of self, with love and respect for our diverse and inclusive community.

We recognize that children are unique, curious, and passionate, with an imagination that ultimately drives their desire to learn. We teach to the “whole child” which offers a balance of cognitive and emotional intelligence, individuality, and physical activity through our daily rhythms.

Holistic, interdisciplinary, and hands-on are our approach for all of our Focus Classes: Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies, which collectively make up our Grades Program. All Focus Classes incorporate Art, Movement (PE), Music, and collaborative projects into the individualized learning. Our main “classroom” is in Nature.


Monday: Science

The world of science is fill with innovation! Taking a global view, we will research creative solutions, challenging ourselves to come up with our own. During our Science Focus Class, children use their minds to engage in experiential lessons in the sciences, including physics, biology, geography and botany. This course teaches to the whole child engaging all learning styles responsively.


Tuesday: Mathematics

Math comes alive in our Tuesday Focus Class as we apply it through challenging and developmentally-appropriate projects and activities that encourage paradigm thinking and creative solutions. Our teachers guide, ultimately leading your child to discover the answers and feel this accomplishment. Children work in groups and independently depending on the project. Each session will feature a different set of projects.

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Wednesday: Language Arts

Exploring reading, writing, listening and speaking through movement, art, music, theater and other creative activities that involve the whole body and brain in learning. While building compassion, nurturing creativity and fostering the development of study skills, children will be met with personalized and developmentally-appropriate instruction aimed at establishing a solid literacy foundation. Older children will be supported and challenged in deepening their reading comprehension and fluency, improving their spelling, grammar and engaging in creative writing.


Thursdays: Social Studies

Our beautiful world is filled with diversity! In our Social Studies Focus Class, we will navigate the globe with compassion, learning about culture, socioeconomic factors, and the human, physical and environmental geography. Using story-telling, music, movement, art, and project-based lessons, children and their teachers collaborate toward a greater understanding of our interconnection.